YouTuber Freddie Wong Directs Machete‘s Bloody Red Carpet Gag


Being popular on YouTube isn’t just a money-maker in its own right — it can also be a great way to get jobs with other companies. Today’s example: a new viral video created to promote the release of Machete, Robert Rodriguez’s gory Mexploitation flick.

Michelle Rodriguez’s Machete Fail, featuring Rodriguez and stars Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez, was conceived by the Break Media creative team — but shot and directed by Freddie Wong, whose special effects skills have made him a YouTube star.

Michelle Rodriguez’s Machete Fail – Watch more Funny Videos

Wong has worked with other YouTubers — like Mystery Guitar Man recently — but the Break video represents a real leap in star power for him.

Strangely enough, when Wong tweeted out a photo of him posing with the cast, some commenters didn’t believe it was real, and thought he had Photoshopped himself into it. “I’m going to have to call BS on this. But Fantastic!” said ReliantFilms.

A Break representative wrote via email that Wong was the first choice of directors for creative lead Andy Signore, who “knew that Freddie’s style of shooting and the repeated success of his other videos made him the perfect choice.” According to the rep, Break’s relationship with Wong will continue for future projects.

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