Vid-Biz: Skype, BBC iPlayer, Plex and LG

Latest Skype Beta Offers Group Video Calls for 10; the 10-person group video calling feature follows a five-person beta test and is being offered as a “free trial,” which suggests users will eventually have to pay for the feature. (ComputerWorld)

BBC iPlayer Coming to More TV Devices; the the BBC iPlayer will be on the iPad, as well as pretty much any modern internet-connected TV with a browser. (BBC Internet Blog)

Plex and LG Bring TV To All Your Devices; today LG announced that in 2011 it will integrate Plex into its range of Netcast-enabled HDTVs and Blu-ray devices, making Plex a video solution for mobile, PC and TV. (VentureBeat)

Video: Here Is Google TV Running On Sony Internet TV; Sony unveiled a connected TV running the Google TV OS, with a number of apps, including a Chrome browser used to browse the web. (paidContent)

Netgear and Roku Team Up for the Roku XD Player; according to an FCC fling, the Roku XD Player has the model number NTV250 and features 802.11 b/g/n wireless as well as HDMI, composite and Ethernet connectivity. (Wireless Goodness)

Hurt Locker Subpoenas Arrive With Higher Demands; US Copyright Group have finally gotten around to getting subpoenas out to ISPs in the Hurt Locker lawsuit. (TechDirt)

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