Sept. 3: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Heading into the Labor Day weekend our reading list offers up stories on IBM’s prescient storage moves, whether or not the age of platforms as a service is over, yet another NoSQL commercialization startup and an overview of how Citrix sees the cloud. Enjoy.

Why I.B.M. Took a Different Path in Storage (From New York Times) IBM deserves credit for always having an eye toward the future. It got 3PAR-like capabilities for a song a couple years ago, and will look equally smart when large vendors start buying analytics companies in a year.

Citrix OpenCloud is Neither Open nor Cloud (From Sam Johnston) I think this is a fair assessment of Citrix’s cloud efforts, and a good illustration of the blurry line between open source and openness in the cloud. Is it about freedom of choice, or freedom to code?

AWS Updated Security White Paper Still Misses the Mark (From SearchCloudComputing) This is such an interesting area because it pits secretive providers against security experts who demand transparency. In the end, it will come down to whether users trust that providers’ experts know what they’re doing, too.

Is PaaS Passe yet? (From Gartner Blog Network) I agree that “PaaS” and “platform” are thrown around willy-nilly, but, as with the term “cloud,” I’d like to think people are smart enough to figure out what they’re really dealing with when it comes to deployments.

YC-Funded Cloudant Launches its NoSQL Cloud Database Platform (From TechCrunch) ouchio appears to have a headstart in CouchDB commercialization, but Cloudant doesn’t seem to be hurting for customers. It’ll be interesting to watch the NoSQL vendors duke it out like their RDBMS counterparts.

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