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Kohive: An Online Desktop for Collaboration

Kohive is a web app that provides shared collaborative workspaces for teams. In use, the app looks very much like a computer desktop — down the left-hand side of the screen is a series of icons that provides access to different “apps,” while each workspace (called a “Hive” by the app) is accessed via a tabbed interface at the bottom of the screen.

Out of the box, Kohive makes a number of different “apps” available for collaborative tasks:

  • Overview: Provides a list of recent activity on the Hive.
  • Messages: Allows users to send messages to individuals and groups
  • Bookmarks: A bookmarking facility, including tagging.
  • Stickies: Online sticky notes.
  • Tasks: A fairly powerful task management tool, with tags, assignments, due dates, milestone and file links.
  • Notepad: Online notes, with tagging.
  • Status updates: A microblogging tool, which can be linked to Twitter.
  • File cabinet: A place to store files.
  • Gallery: A photo gallery. You can upload images, or get them from URLs or Flickr.
  • Videos: A video gallery that’s somewhat limited in that you can’t upload videos — they must be hosted elsewhere.
  • Doodle: Online drawing tool.
  • Chat room: An IRC-style chat room.

Continuing the desktop metaphor, each app opens in its own window that can be dragged around the desktop and resized as required. Content is updated in real-time, so users can see changes from other team members instantly.

The Kohive interface looks very slick and its functionality is impressive for a web app. However, while I like the idea of a comprehensive online space that can be used as a repository and workspace for everything related to a project, it’s not particularly snappy. On my machine, page elements take a while to load, and submissions were slow, which would probably make for a frustrating experience if it were to be used for a real project.

Kohive is currently in beta, so hopefully the performance issues will be addressed, and is free.

Let us know what you think of Kohive in the comments.

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