FilerFrog: Add a Productivity Boost to Your Context Menu

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FilerFrog is a neat Windows (s msft) utility that adds a bunch of useful file handling tools to your context (right-click) menu, handling tasks like moving files and image resizing. As it only adds one top-level item, it won’t clutter your context menu, but all the tools are just a couple of clicks away. FilerFrog used to be a commercial product, but it’s now available for free.

Here’s a rundown of the things that FilerFrog can do:

  • Extract from folder: Move a folder’s contents to its parent folder
  • Extract to folder: Move any number of files or folders to a new folder.
  • Copy/move: Copy and move files and folders without hunting through My Computer looking for the same often-used destination folder.
  • Delete empty files or folders: Search for and delete empty files and folders.
  • Copy path to clipboard: Copies the current path to the clipboard.
  • Invert selection: Files that were selected are unselected, and the others are selected.
  • Split and join: Split a large file of any type into smaller pieces.
  • List of files: Makes a text or HTML listing of the files and folders selected.
  • Encrypt/decrypt: Encrypts and decrypts files using, RC4 stream cipher encryption.
  • Resize image: Resizes images.
  • Put logo on image: Places a logo or other graphic on an image.
  • Image album: Creates and album of images.
  • Sort desktop: Arrange your desktop icons and forms them into groups.

FilerFrog is a free download, with versions available for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows machines.

Let us know what you think of FilerFrog in the comments.

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