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Apple Doubles iPad Production, May Triple Soon

iPad SideshotThe Apple (s aapl) iPad recently became available to ship within 24 hours for the first time since it began production in April of this year. It looks like that might be due to a significant ramp up in production on the part of Apple’s manufacturing partners, not a dwindling of interest.

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, the number of iPads being built every month recently went from 1 million to 2 million units per month. Not only that, but Apple has reportedly indicated to its suppliers that it would like to see that number increase further still, to 3 million per month. That additional million is targeted for Q4 2010, and is probably planned in anticipation of strong holiday sales.

Early sales for the iPad have exceeded everyone’s estimates, including Apple’s own. Tim Cook said in July during the company’s Q3 conference call that increasing production capability to deal with the atypically strong early adopted numbers was a top priority for Cupertino.

Clearly Apple is also bullish about its chances against emerging competitors, like the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab, which recent rumors suggest may even exceed the iPad in terms of price. If true, its not a promising sign for the Android (s goog) crop, admittedly.

The numbers are good news for another group besides Apple itself: iOS developers. More devices on the market means more potential App Store customers. It also means we’ll hopefully see some of the fence-sitters who’ve yet to release true iPad or universal versions of their popular apps (looking at you, Facebook) finally do so.

Apple may also be gearing up for the release of the iPad in other markets where it isn’t yet available, including the lucrative mainland Chinese one. This is the most likely scenario, since it’s hard to believe the holidays alone would account for a threefold increase in demand for a product that’s been on the market for half a year.

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4 Responses to “Apple Doubles iPad Production, May Triple Soon”

  1. laughingboy48

    I think back and remember all the braying jackasses that said the iPad would be an incredible failure and that everyone would be using netbooks as their main mobile computer. There were also quite a few jackasses that said that once the million or so Apple fanbois bought iPads, sales would plunge in a month. Wow! Those jackasses must be very proud of themselves for correctly predicting the future that the sun would not rise the day after tomorrow. Go, Apple. Produce iPads as fast as supply allows and show me the mo-nay. Ten million units will be sold by the end of 2010 and the sky’s the limit in 2011.

    Never listen to myopic-visioned losers, because they’ll always be wrong.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. Good post. I think the launch of the iPad product and the initial features were perfect given what else is possibly coming.

    Right now they should be pouring it on in sales as fast as they can so that they capture as much share as possible. I think before the competitors have a chance to truly react, Apple will be introducing v2 with even more capabilities.

    Recently I post my analsys on this launch at:

    Good Hunting.