Angry Birds Land on Android


Worker productivity likely took a massive downturn today with the arrival of the highly successful Angry Birds game on the Android (s goog) platform. Rovio Mobile intended to conduct a closed beta on the Android platform but bowed to pressure from those anxious to play the game, and released the beta version to the Android Market today. The company looks to duplicate the massive success Angry Birds garnered on iOS (s aapl) (7 million paid, 11 million unpaid users!) by releasing it on the hot Android platform.

Rovio intends to push the game onto the young Android tablet segment in order to duplicate the popularity of Angry Birds on the iPad. Android tablets are being announced this week in Germany, so it makes sense for the game to have an Android version ready for the appearance of the devices in customer’s hands. This week Om Malik spoke with the creators of the Angry Birds empire, captured on the video embedded below:

Note: Owners of the HTC EVO 4G phone on the Sprint (s s) network are reporting difficulties getting the Angry Birds demo to run properly. Rovio is aware of this problem and is working on a solution for EVO owners.

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I didn’t have any trouble at all getting it to work on my Evo, no matter how many times I opened it. Would like the full version though.

Matt Silly

“It’s not just a game that was already out there”… LIAR. They stole the idea from Crush the Castle.


Was wondering why this isn’t available in the app store for the HTC Eris.


But you have an android phone isn’t the marketplace the same on all devices like the iPhone only changed by region?

Someone should make a store app that is the same on all the 30 or some variants of Android…

Jahan Khan Rashid

Wow its amazing the amount off people to knock something on android that is only in beta stage!!

Cupertino Engineer

ROTFLMAO at Angry James who can’t get Angry Birds to run on his mighty EVO device.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Android where each App is like a box of chocolates (you don’t know what your gonna get).

NoCal Engineer

I think this points out the inconsistency across the Android space both in software and hardware. Apps are NOT guaranteed to run correctly across different Android devices. This may get a lot worse with the wide variety of Android tablets that will soon start appearing to rape you of your holiday spending dollar$. This is just another glaring example of how Apple’s ecosystem is very well thought out and superior to the miss mash of incompatibility that were sloshed together haphazardly to form the Android stew we have today. A very ugly stew that has the stench of an open sewer. With Apple it “just works” with Android it’s a crap shoot at best. So sad for all you Android wimps who cannot code your way out of a wet paper bag.LOL :-)


After having lots of fun with Angry Birds on my lil’ N900, it’s been a blast playing with it on my Dell Streak!


jahan khan rashid

the game is quite good but nothing to rave about if your a gamer, runs like butter on my x10i, it looks like it runs in native res aswell.


Took numerous times to get it to run the second time on my EVO. I finished the 15 levels, fun and looks great on the EVO.


yeah it works the first time on the EVO then crashes if you try to open it up again.


It is worth noting that it also came out on Palm WebOS last week. I’ve been wasting quite a bit of time with it on my Pre. :)

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