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Twitter for iPad Review: Ahead of the Pack

The folks at Twitter took their time working on the app for the iPad, and my experience with it shows it was time well spent. Having used more Twitter apps than I can count running on multiple platforms, it’s clear this iPad (s aapl) version is better than any of them for following the Twitterverse.

Twitter for iPad handles all of the standard Twitter functions in a way that focuses on the user interface. The app serves all functions well in portrait orientation (my favorite for using Twitter), but really shines when the iPad is turned to landscape. The amount of information displayed at all times makes using Twitter an enjoyable interactive experience.

The app uses multiple panes that slide into view from the right as needed. When you click on a link in a tweet, the internal browser slides in from the right to display the article, photo or YouTube video. These panes are fully adjustable, as you can slide them left or right to the desired location to keep other panes in view. There is no simple open or close pane function as in most apps; they can be slid to personal preference. This turns Twitter for iPad into a very powerful tool.

While the Twitter app is very good for a first version, there are a few minor glitches that need to be addressed. The internal browser is slow to open a linked article, although it’s smooth once opened. It can also be harder than it should be to close exposed panes when sliding them back to the right. Sometimes they get “stuck” midway, requiring an extra slide to get them off the screen.

Those are minor gotchas compared to the functionality that Twitter for iPad brings to the user. Working with Twitter for iPad is so enjoyable it may just make the Twitter web site obsolete. It isn’t shooting for the glamor of apps such as Flipboard, but its innovative use of multiple panes makes it more useful.

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5 Responses to “Twitter for iPad Review: Ahead of the Pack”

  1. I really like the Twitter app put out last week by Twitter, Inc. It is the best app of its kind that I have found that allows me to almost multi-task, which saves me a ton of time. This is the Twitter app that I recommend when friends ask what to use. You get a lot of bang for no money at all!

  2. Worst UI I’ve seen on the iPad yet. I do not want 1/8 of a website cluttering my screen while scrolling through my timeline. The third panel not being closeable is a deal-breaker for me.

    Osfoora HD is still my Twitter client of choice. Twitter came up confusingly complex here.

  3. I think it’s a beautiful piece of software. Want to try something cool with it? On an entry/post int the regular timeline list, use your pinch-zoom fingers to expand over an individual item. A small floating popup will appear revealing profile information for the poster. It expands semi-oragami-like. Great UI. Visually stunning.

  4. Engineer D. Excellence

    I am sure it won’t take long for its design and/or features to show up on some Android Apps. There is almost nothing original in the Android marketplace since they seem to be blatant copies of other prior mobile apps on other platforms. Maybe Android tablets will change this but I am sure Android developers spend a huge amount of time going thru the 25,000 iPad Apps for ideas (aka theft).

  5. Totally agree that it’s a very solid bit of software. But one key feature is missing that’s going to keep me using Echofon – sync. I was getting tired of wasting time everyday re-reading Tweets on multiple devices. Echofon solves that problem between desktop and iOS device. Now if Twitter comes out with a desktop client and works in a sync feature between it and the new iOS app, I’ll definitely reconsider! :)