Sept 2: What We’re Reading About the Cloud


3PAR (s PAR) Battle Ends, but Drama Remains (From Twilight in the Valley of the Nerds) Watching the proposed drama ensue might be more fascinating than this bidding war. Dell (s DELL) getting 3PAR would have created one more legit storage player, but HP getting it might make the big boys nervous.

Red Hat (s RHAT) in Talks to Buy JBoss Cloud Fluffer Makara (From The Register) How big a coup would this be for Red Hat, which has its sights squarely on VMware? Makara could level the PaaS playing field, which currently is slanted with vFabric and CloudFoundry on the VMware side.

Data Week: Becoming a Data Scientist (From O’Reilly Radar) This is a collection of snippets on the subject of big data. Probably the most interesting is a list of critical skills to develop if you want to become a data scientist.

Cloud Computing Calms Open Source Warfare (From LinuxInsider) Open source advocates need to digest this argument is they’re ever going to embrace cloud computing for what the new model it is. Portability, not FOSS,  is the method of avoiding lock-in.

Amazon (a AMZN) EC2 Price Reduction (From Amazon Web Services Blog) AWS’s latest price cut is for High-Memory Double Extra Large and Quadruple Extra Large instances. If AWS’s margins are as high as UBS suggested, it has some wiggle room to impede competition.

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