Microsoft Just Killed the Double Rainbow Meme

double rainbow so intense

Pack it up, Gregory Brothers. Stop printing, Zazzle t-shirts. The Double Rainbow meme is dead, and it was assisted suicide, thanks to Microsoft.

Over a month after Paul “Bear” Vasquez’s reaction to a double rainbow reaching “all the way across the sky” in Yosemite National Park went viral, Vasquez is now starring in a commercial for Microsoft’s Windows Live Photo Gallery. The double rainbow is there too, likely with the help of some VFX.


You can’t necessarily blame Vasquez for cashing in on his completely accidental fame, and you have to give points to Microsoft for swooping in just as the meme was about to go stale, but this ad just feels forced. Because you know what? The power of the Double Rainbow video was how completely genuine Vasquez’s reaction was. When you watched it, you wished that you’d one day have an experience “so intense.”

But you know what’s never left me with that profound sense of wonder? A single, solitary Microsoft product.

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