Verizon Wireless Offers Very First Prepaid Smartphone Data Plans


Credit: Verizon Wireless

As if a sign of the times, Verizon Wireless is offering data to smartphone users who prefer to pay by the month and not commit to a long-term contracts for the very first time. However, the service is neither discounted, nor more expensive than what you get if you did sign a contract. Furthermore, there’s much cheaper plans available in the universe, so this deal will really only appeal to someone who is specifically interested in Verizon’s network, or the variety of phones that it offers.

The variety of phones is really where this offer stands apart from the rest. It works with a dozen of smartphones, ranging from BlackBerry devices, and a handful of Android devices. It also supports some of the upper-end of feature phones, like the LG (SEO: 066570) enV Touch, or the Samsung Alias.

Verizon Wireless says unlimited data will cost $30 a month for smartphones, and that these lower-end devices will also have the option of a $10 monthly data package for 25 MB per month ($.20/MB overage). The offers will be available beginning Sept. 28. Users will have to sign up for a minimum voice plan of $45.

The decision by Verizon Wireless to begin offering new prepaid data plans coincides with other carriers offering enticingly low prices on a plethora of service offerings. For instance, Virgin Mobile’s

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