Nokia’s Ovi Gets An Odd Exclusive On X Factor Mobile App


Most media owners are strong believers in a strategy of “any-and-every-platform” ubiquity.

But, for this season’s mobile strategy, the makers of the UK’s popular X Factor TV show are launching an “exclusive” app only on Nokia’s Ovi store.

It’s more than just an exclusive window – producer TalkbackThames and broadcaster ITV (LSE: ITV) confirmed to paidContent:UK they will not launch equivalent apps for the more popular iOS or Android.

It’s doubtless a coup for Nokia (NYSE: NOK), which is playing catch-up to Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and has lost even the “challenger” mantle to smartphones packing Android. And it comes as Nokia prepares to retail the N8, its next flagship handset, on which it is betting its comeback.

But the show itself, the huge music talent contest run by Simon Cowell, could doubtless have reached a wider mobile audience by embracing those other two platforms.

The official X Factor app, launching on Ovi on Friday, will include news, video, photos, Facebook and Twitter integration and competitions.

Nokia ended its three-year sponsorship of the TV show in 2007, when Carphone Warehouse took the mantle and nevertheless used it to promote Nokia’s Comes With Music service.

Nokia has been doing an awareness campaign for Ovi for the last month or two, including TV ads.

Ovi claimed



of course it’s a commerical deal. i don’t think this article is anti-nokia just ill-informed. We all know Nokia’s scale, X-Factor have a far bigger potential market via nokia than apple or Android and nokia get an exclusive on the most popular show on telly. Its win win.

Robert Andrews

Oh come on, it’s not an anti-Nokia piece.
It’s just to say – if you were going to pick any apps platform to launch on exclusively, Ovi is unusual as it’s only just getting going with its formal apps service.


> not launch equivalent apps for the more popular iOS or Android.

Strange statement, from the number of users point of view Nokia / Symbian is way way more popular than Ios or Android. I’d guess the users are what the producer and broadcaster are after. The number of apps in app store of a platform (assuming that’s what “popularity” in the article is about) shouldn’t be any factor in that decision. “Hey the consumers are on the other platfrom, but there’s lots of apps for this platform, let’s make our app there as well!” doesn’t sound smart decision making…

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