Today in Cleantech

From data centers to desktops, Fujitsu has you covered. The world’s third-largest IT services firm on Wednesday launched an enterprise-level IT energy efficiency service that it says can cut power bills 20 percent across a company. The entry-level “QuickStart” program costs $25,000, and the deeper dive of the “Green IT Delivery Solution” costs $100,000 and up, but both promise an eight-month return on the investment. Fujitsu has a lot of expertise in data center efficiency (see its Sunnyvale, Calif. data center project), and plans to announce partnerships with data center building control system vendors in the near future, Kartik Ravel, Green IT practice director at Fujitsu America, told me in an interview this week. On the user side, Fujitsu also intends to tackle desktop and laptop power, or what Ravel called the “10,000 leaking faucets” of enterprise energy waste, in a serious way. That’s also a target of Cisco’s EnergyWise building control platform, which incorporates PC controls from startup Verdiem and building automation systems from giants like Schneider Electric, Honeywell and Johnson Controls.