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Tiny New Apple TV Costs $99, 99-Cent TV Rentals Confirmed

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At this morning’s Apple (s AAPL) press event, streamed live, CEO Steve Jobs announced a new Apple TV that’s a quarter of the size of the original box, with all-HD content (when available), cloud storage, and Netflix (s NFLX) and YouTube (s GOOG) access. The new Apple TV also allows content to be streamed from your computer or iPad to the television. The $229 price is dropping to $99, with pre-orders available today.

Oh, and as we reported, the price for renting TV shows in HD is dropping from $2.99 to $0.99 HD TV shows is shifting from $2.99 to buy to $0.99 to rent for the ABC (s DIS) and Fox (s NWS) shows that will be available at the outset. Other broadcasters have yet to commit to the service, but Jobs said that “other studios will see the light soon, and get on board with us.”

HD movie rentals are set at $4.99 for first-run films, which Jobs says will become “cheaper as time goes on.” The new store also includes Rotten Tomatoes ratings and cast/crew listings “for the first time.”

Jobs called the Netflix interface on Apple TV “the best implementation of Netflix yet,” though he was probably saying that because the interface is a direct ripoff of Apple’s Front Row interface.

Jobs also announced a complete overhaul of the iPod line, including FaceTime for the iPod touch. The iPod nano now has a square face and is smaller, and today’s demo emphasized the device’s music player and other features, including a clock face. The iPod nano camera has been removed, and the square screen implies that there’s a de-emphasis on video.

That just means more cameras for the iPod touch! The new version of the device will have front- and back-facing cameras, allowing people to communicate using FaceTime. On-device editing and direct upload to YouTube will also be possible.

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35 Responses to “Tiny New Apple TV Costs $99, 99-Cent TV Rentals Confirmed”

  1. One major limitation with the Netflix and Apple iTunes store is that the large majority of quality content is only available to those living in the USA.

    Netflix is available to those in the USA (But for those abroad, you can get a US IP address with a VPN service)

    Also, if you are abroad it can be challenging to setup a US iTunes account without a US credit card.

    Yet I did find a work around solution for accessing the the iTunes US from abroad by using iTunes Gift Cards at

    I don’t understand why Netflix, Apple and the media companies don’t just let people have worldwide access to media…wouldn’t it mean more profits for them?!?

  2. Ordered mine.

    Never bought into the iPod Dock, av cable and remote $99 tax for iPOd owners.

    And always thought the ATV was too much for my blood when I mostly wanted it for streaming from the computer to tv.

    Now I get the latter at the former pricepoint plus Netflix and lower priced iTunes content should I partake plus no ipod hassle etc.

    Ordered one today. Will order a few more should it prove worthy.

  3. “…the price point for renting TV shows…”

    Is there something in the Giga Om style guide that requires blogger to constantly (mis)use the phrase “price point” rather than the good old fashioned “price” or “cost?” Why not be a leader and forego the buzzword in favor of the simpler and more correct term?