Prldr: A Visual RSS Reader


Are you the type of person who often clicks on the headlines of articles in your RSS reader to take you through to the article on its website? If so, you might like to try prldr, a new web-based “visual RSS reader” that displays the articles just as they appear in it original layout, complete with comments, adverts and so on.

After setting up an account — a matter of providing an email address and password — you’re presented with a simple split screen: your feeds on the left, and on the right a much larger iframe containing the currently selected article. As you might expect of something that was just a weekend project for its developer, Jaap van der Meer, it’s fairly basic, although it does have some nice touches, like color-coding feeds to help you see where each headline came from. Each article is preloaded (hence the name “prldr”) so flipping between articles using the “previous” and “next” buttons feels pretty snappy, and as you get the full article content it’s especially useful for sites that only publish excerpts in their feeds. Prldr can import your feeds via an OPML file, but it can’t sync with other news readers.

Personally, I think I’ll stick with Google Reader and its more powerful features, but if you prefer viewing articles in their original layout, it’s definitely worth checking out. You can try prldr’s demo here, and sign up here. It’s free.

Let us know what you think of prldr below.

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