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NASA App HD for iPad: Bringing Space to You

Space enthusiasts who follow information coming out of NASA with excitement should download the free NASA HD app for the iPad (s aapl) right now. This app aggregates all of the happenings at NASA with a gorgeous interface tailored for touch operation on the iPad. It provides access to a wealth of information about our solar system, complete with high-resolution photos and videos to bring it all home.

The NASA app works well in either landscape or portrait orientation, through a clean home screen that gives access to all of the available information. The graphical depiction of our solar system on-screen leads to educational information about each planet: a good source of information for students. The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen takes the user to the NASA image of the day, NASA TV, videos, tweets from space and other featured items.

There are four drop-down menus accessible from the top bar that lead to news items, a map of NASA locations, launch schedule and an overview of all NASA missions and satellite launches. These resources all have wonderful images and video covering all aspects of the work done by NASA. You can spend many hours going through this fount of information covering all things related to NASA.

There’s been an NASA iPhone app available for a while, but the iPad version puts the larger screen to good use. Watching video shot in space on the iPad is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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2 Responses to “NASA App HD for iPad: Bringing Space to You”

  1. Culombo Muntobi

    Totally awesome app. The iPad just keep getting better and better as more organizations tap into its power.

    And don’t forget the iPad will get WIRELESS PRINTING very soon !

    APple stock just surged $7 per share on this news, i kid you not.

    Can you just imagine printing these gorgeous NASA photos WIRELESSLY ! Only on the iPad baby.

    Bite Me Android..heee..heee :-)