Email Notes to Yourself With Notes for Later


Some people use their email for everything — storing files, emailing notes to themselves, etc. If you fit that description, you should check out Notes for Later. It’s a simple free service that’s useful for keeping making notes of websites to remember at a later date. Sign up, and the site generates a custom bookmarklet that, when clicked, sends an email to your inbox containing the current web page’s URL, the time and date and any text that you’ve highlighted on the page.

Of course, there are plenty of other, more powerful services that are probably more suited to this kind of task already: bookmarking tools like Delicious and note-taking tools like Evernote, for example. However, for the person who spends most of their time in their inbox, Notes for Later is simple and extremely quick to use: Just highlight your text (if required) and click the button. Then when you need to find a note, it’s just a question of searching your inbox.

Each note is stored in a separate email with the URL of the page saved as its subject line; if you’re going to be using the tool extensively, I’d recommend creating a new folder and a filter or inbox rule to keep the Notes for Later emails out of your main inbox. It should also be possible to use the tool for collaborative note-taking — if a team was doing research, for example, they could all send notes to a central email address.

What do you think of Notes for Later?

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