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DoubleTwist Screencast: It’s iTunes for Android

No matter what you think about iTunes (s aapl), the seamless way it syncs with the iPhone is very convenient. Android (s goog) phone owners wanting a full-featured program that provides a similar syncing experience should look no further than doubleTwist. It combines a music player with complete library control that integrates with iTunes on the desktop. When an Android phone is connected to the computer, that’s when the magic happens.

The phone becomes an extension of doubleTwist, with full syncing of music, photos and movies just like iTunes handles it for iOS devices. In place of the iTunes Music Store, doubleTwist is fully integrated with the Amazon (s amzn) MP3 store for shopping. Even more useful is the complete integration with the Android Market for perusing, buying and installing apps onto the Android phone. Best of all? This functionality is free for the taking.

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18 Responses to “DoubleTwist Screencast: It’s iTunes for Android”

  1. Ivan Samuels

    i enjoying the video clip. can you explain the preferred method to plan this contact on the android phone. mostly i want to play podcasts like Jkontherun on my phone with a simple interface. the iphone is pretty simple. does doubletwist have an equally good player for the EVO or Epic?

  2. I downloaded the new version today but it is still painfully slow. James, I also noted that you had duplication of songs, as I have experienced. Good concept, just not quite ready for primetime.

  3. Roshan Shrestha

    Last time I checked (admittedly, this was quite a while ago), DoubleTwist didn’t support media on network drives; the media had to be stored locally. Since all my media was on a NAS, I couldn’t use the software. Hope they have fixed this issue.

  4. I recently tried Doubletwist for this reason, but found it completely unacceptably slow.

    I have a Dell M1330 with 4GB of RAM – I doubt my hardware is the bottleneck. I do have ~20k MP3s that I was trying to pull in, but other music players (MediaMonkey, Winamp, iTunes) don’t have trouble with this.

    I found that every time I launched Doubletwist, it attempted to re-load all my media – until I let it finish, it would report that I didn’t have any media (music, photos, etc) on my computer. This refresh could take upwards of 30 minutes sometimes – is that something you encountered?

    I really wanted Doubletwist’s advertised ability to sync star ratings and playcounts back from my phone, but ended up just giving in and getting an iPod instead. Really wish Doubletwist had worked, though.

  5. I’ve found syncing with iTunes playlists using Doubletwist is quite slow and unreliable. Asian characters are not supported last time I checked. It appears to me that iSyncr is a much easier and hassle-free solution.