Dance Videos To Ease Your Humpday

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It’s Wednesday, the rent’s due and there’s already been plenty of Apple-related news today. I can’t think of a better time to kick back and relax with some rad dance videos.

Dance It Up, created by the Dawson Brothers, is ostensibly a viral promotion for the latest Groove Armada single History, off the Black Light album. But in reality, it is a celebration of how awesome street dance is. Sort of.

This video is great, no lie, but here are the three reasons I am featuring it:

1) It has been online for a week and only has about 33,000 views. I believe this to be criminally unfair.

2) The YouTube description is pitch perfect:

Groove Armada’s people asked us to make a thirty second viral advert for their new album. But we got carried away and ended up making a street dance film instead. We f*cking love street dance.

 We hope you like it, but above all… we hope Groove Armada’s accounts department will still pay us.

3) If I write about it here, it might get me to stop IMing it to everyone I know.

Oh, perhaps you’re in the market for some more traditional dance moves? Spreading around today is Dancing at the Movies, which includes dance sequences from a wide array of movies, featuring everyone from Fred Astaire to John Travolta to Patrick Swayze to those kids from Step Up 2.

Forgive its strange Jamie Lee Curtis fixation, and enjoy!

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