Conan O’Brien Uses YouTube to Announce New Show’s Name

Been wondering what permutation of his name and “late night show” Conan O’Brien would use for the title of his upcoming TBS (s twx) series? Apparently, a bunch of people have, and in a video posted yesterday O’Brien reveals the new show’s name with a Sharpie and some white paper.

This in itself wouldn’t be too notable, except that while the Team Coco YouTube (s GOOG) channel has been around since June 2008 (such a simpler time), this is only the second video created specifically for the channel, and the first to feature O’Brien on camera.

The other five videos are currently promos for the TBS show and the Tonight Show writers’ Emmy B-Roll, which was shown at the Creative Arts awards and adds some more salt to the Leno/Late Night dispute.

While Team Coco is actively blogging and social-media-ing away, O’Brien himself remains relatively aloof on the Interwebs, seemingly limiting his activity to updating his Twitter account exactly once a day and continuing to follow only one other person. (Jimmy Fallon‘s got him beat before he even gets out of bed.)

Is this video the first sign that Conan on TBS will bring with it a more web-engaged O’Brien? With the launch of the show, undoubtedly, will come answers.

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