Apple Announces New iPod touch


The “main entree” on the menu for today’s Apple event, the fourth generation iPod touch, was largely what rumors have led us to expect, and expectations were high.

As in years past, the iPod touch has followed in the footprint of the iPhone. The latest iPod touch incorporates Apple’s Retina Display, the Apple A4 CPU, and three-axis Gyroscope. The iPod touch also has two cameras, one in the front and one in the back.

The front camera is for FaceTime, which will work both with other iPod touches and iPhones. The back camera does not appear to have a Flash — market segmentation, anyone? The back camera will take HD video and allow editing on the device. Oddly, no mention was made of still photography.

What was mentioned by Jobs was that the iPod touch is now the number one selling iPod, having now surpassed the iPod nano. Apple sells around 10 million iPods most quarters, double that during the holiday season, so we are talking iPhone levels of sales. Further, according to Jobs, the iPod touch is now the world’s leading handheld gaming platform, outselling both Sony and Nintendo devices combined. To that end, Apple’s Game Center will also be coming to the iPod touch.

In terms of battery life, Jobs declared the iPod touch will have 40 hours of playback.

The iPod touch will be available next week in 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB models at prices of $229, $299, and $399 respectively.


Nat Lee Kwai

Hhhmmm, this sounds like a really neat thing to have, if one could afford it with all the bells and whistles that it will come with..

Tristan Thomas

Sorry but Apple should concentrate more on fixing its broken products then to introduce new ones. Hey, you can’t blame them for trying to cover up a solution for the iPhone

Plus has anyone heard about why Apple would not allow its products to be tested by O2? It was a simple questionnaire that they had to fill out. You can check it out here:


Won’t be available until next week, but you can pre-order and have it shipped to you when it is available. I just pre-ordered mine :)


i just checked the apple website, with all the newly rolled out projects. if you go into the features list for ipod touch it is clear that still photography is supported for both the front and rear cameras. however, it is interesting steve jobs didn’t mention this in his keynote!


Still photos are supported, but at a very low resolution. I think it is just the resolution of the screen. This was probably why the iPod nano never allowed shooting photos. I believe the problem is the space; the nano and the touch are too thin to incorporate a decent camera.

Considering that the touch is basically for “fun”, I can’t imagine anyone would use it to take “serious” photos anyway.


I wonder, will the new iPod touch be offered with the back to school special: buy a new Mac and get a free (or pay the price difference) for the new iPods?


Good idea,Im expect….lol!
if can get a free ipod + free ipod converter,perfect!and now I found a Free iPod Video Converter for Aneesoft.waiting free ipod touch…


So does this mean the end for the iPod Classic…? Sad times… that was, and still remains, in my opinion, the “true” iPod.

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