Apple Challenges Android On the Numbers


At today’s Apple event, Steve Job went after some “friends” regarding who is leading in sales of mobile devices.

Sometime in June, Apple passed the 100 million marker in iOS devices sold, and now Steve Jobs has announced 120 million devices sold. To put that in perspective, Apple sold just over eight million iPhones in all of last quarter.

Taking a swipe at Google and its regular announcements of 200,000 or more Android activations, Jobs suggested some “friends” might be counting upgrades. In contrast, Apple is currently doing new activations at a rate of 230,000 a day, with Jobs saying the number would be “much higher” if upgrades were counted. As for the App Store, there are now more than 250,000 apps, with 25,000 specifically designed for the iPad. The App store is currently seeing 6.5 billion downloads a day year, or 200 apps per second.

Also in the introduction, Apple highlighted a total of 300 retail stores in 10 countries, soon to be 11 with the addition of Spain. “Some days” see more than a million visitors per day. As has been the situation for years, more than half of those buying Macs in retail stores are new to the platform.


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