Facebook Credits Gift Cards To Be Sold At Target


Facebook Credits, the virtual currency that Facebook members can use to buy various extras for Facebook apps, will soon be available for purchase in brick-and-mortar stores. Starting next week, Target will be selling $15, $25, and $50 gift cards nationwide that buyers will be able to redeem for Credits. The deal comes as Facebook is finally beginning to push for the widespread adoption of its virtual currency system — and marks the first time that a retail store in the U.S. will sell Credits.

It’s likely that Target will be the first of many retailers to offer the cards. In its announcement, Target notes that the $15 card is exclusive to its own stores — but the other denominations are not, and it’s easy to see how the cards could sit side by side in a supermarket aisle adjacent to others, such as those iTunes sells.

Credits could eventually represent a significant non-advertising revenue stream for the social network, since it takes a 30 percent cut of Credits sales. Facebook, however, has said it isn’t counting on Credits to be a big moneymaker just yet since it will be reinvesting whatever it makes from Credits back into developing the virtual currency system. Over the last several months, Facebook has gotten several major social game developers, including CrowdStar and Zynga, to commit to using Credits in their games.

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