E-reader War: Staples Getting Kindles


Retail giant Staples (s spls) will play a role in the e-reader war as it will start selling Amazon’s (s amzn) Kindles in its retail stores. The office supply chain will offer three models: the $139 Kindle, 3G model and the Kindle DX. This move puts the Kindle e-reader in two major retail outlets — Target (s tgt) and Staples — while Barnes & Noble (s bks) is selling the competing Nook e-reader in Best Buy (s bby) in addition to its own stores.

The move to retail stores coupled with Amazon’s recent price drop of the Kindle shows how competitive the e-reader (and thus the e-book) business has become. The three major players (Amazon, B&N and Borders) are using e-readers to sell e-books to consumers through the online stores. The pressure is on all of the players, as Borders (s bgp) just dropped prices on two of the e-readers sold in its store, the Kobo and Aluratek, to $129.99 and $99.99 respectively. The e-reader is well on the way to becoming a commodity as prices keep lowering. Is a free e-reader on the horizon for consumers?

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Cramer Jones

Obviously they are trying to flood the marketplace with these cheap plastic readers before the industrial grade iPad takes over the eReader market for multimedia rich content. Try watching the latest TV show ($.99) on your nookie kindle headache-inducing-page-turner device. Oh sorry but you can’t do that. At least the mighty iPad has caused prices to drop for these second tier readers so the consumer wins. Thanks Steve.


You would think that publishers would get the razorblade connection…


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