AngelList Designates Scouts to Refer New Startup Deals


AngelList, a matchmaking newsletter for early startups and seed investors, has aided funding rounds for some 40 startups since launching in February. Now the service — which is operated by Babak Nivi and Naval Ravikant of Venture Hacks — is recruiting a volunteer workforce so it can scale to meet growing demand.

As of today, AngelList has designated regional scouts who can directly refer new deals to the list of 300 investors. Scouts get to participate in the highly esteemed AngelList community without making investments themselves. They’ll also have AngelList profiles showing all their referrals so they can build up a reputation. Prospective scouts will be evaluated by the quality of startups they refer to Nivi and Naval.

The launch scouts are a mix of founders, startup CEOs and enthusiasts. They include Sam Odio, CEO of Divvyshot (which was funded by AngelList and later bought by Facebook) in Silicon Valley, J. Grubb, co-founder of Get Satisfaction now based in Los Angeles, and Harper Reed, the former CTO of Threadless who is based in Chicago. The full list is up at Venture Hacks.

Photo courtesy Flickr user Brooke Anderson.


Kameko Oliver

Nice. That was a smart move on their part as they definitely needed the help. Now their next smart move would be to take a serious look at PennyGrabber and our Social Entertainment Shopping business model. We only need $300k to develop, and launch the concept.

At that point, we will be self monetized within our first month of launch. Its as easy as ABC and 123 to see we are a worth investment opportunity.

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