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What We’re Reading About the Cloud

In today’s cloud news we’re tackling the Large Hadron Collider and its petabytes of data as well as the importance of knowing where your apps will eventually run with so many diverse client devices out there. HP is also attempting another cloud play.

The Seven Secrets of Successful Data Scientists (From Dataspora Blog) At least in terms of building the infrastructure, this seems like solid advice. You can’t do all the fascinating analysis attributed to true data science if you have a faulty foundation.

Hybrid Apps: The Art of Being in Two Places at Once (From TechNewsWorld) This is both a good guide to buildings apps and a good lesson in strategy. Consumers use apps on a variety of devices, sometimes not online, so how/where the apps run needs to adjust accordingly.

Joyent PaaS May Turn Web App World Upside Down (From Called “,” Joyent’s JavaScript-focused PaaS engine was online just for last weekend. Whether it will change the world when it reemerges is anybody’s guess — execution, not technology, has been Joyent’s issue.

LHC Computing Grid Pushes Petabytes of Data, Beats Expectations (From Ars Technica) CERN’s LHC infrastructure is an epic undertaking that took years to build. It’s no wonder vendor-partners are using their involvement to improve their own big data and network capabilities.

HP Punts Turnkey Matrix Cloud (From The Register) This is a big deal for HP if it wants to maximize its cloud revenue. On top of additional services, the CloudStart bundles’s self-service layer means customers don’t have to buy that software elsewhere.

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