Maintaining Company Insight Requires Mobile-Accessible Collaboration


HP’s Lew Platt famously said, “If HP knew what HP already knows.” At the time, Platt was referring to his executives’ inability to effectively access employees’ knowledge and use it to make decisions.

Maintaining ongoing communications and collaboration across staff is critical for growth and innovation. As more employees become mobile, companies can’t rely on just a wired phone line and computer for effective collaboration. These tools must be ported over to the mobile phone to truly access ongoing company insight.

Here are three possible enterprise-level scenarios for mobile communications and collaboration:

  1. Remain connected while in transit or waiting at the airport. Depending on your availability and your need for privacy, you can begin a conversation via instant messaging, then graduate up to a voice conversation. Caller ID extends to the corporate directory so you can get more information on who’s calling you.
  2. Immediate expert support. See who’s available to talk right now using presence awareness from the corporate directory.
  3. Work at home. Utilize the home Wi-Fi to access corporate networks securely while reducing communications costs. Once outside of the Wi-Fi hotspot, communications and collaboration are handed off seamlessly to the mobile network.

These mobile communication and collaboration scenarios are all possible through the Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 8600 MIC and OmniTouch 8400 ICS solutions. Together, they offer multi-session communications and extend existing unified communication and collaboration services to mobile users wherever they are. To learn more, read the whitepaper “Mobilizing Unified Communications and Collaboration in the Dynamic Enterprise.”

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