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We’re all being inundated with information. Tools that help us filter that mass of data can be useful, and those that filter well can become indispensable. Workstreamer, an app currently in public beta, is a “social CRM” tool that can help you keep track of significant news and social media mentions of your customers, prospects, suppliers, and vendors, as well as your own company. Unlike Gist, a tool that we’ve blogged about in the past, Workstreamer focuses on providing information about companies, not individuals.

Workstreamer claims over 5 million companies in its database, and it’s adding more every day. You can also add companies you’d like to monitor that aren’t in Workstreamer’s database, and augment or modify details about other companies, including your own.

Information in Workstreamer comes not only from blogs, microblogs, social networks like LinkedIn and news articles, but also from the Jigsaw business contact directory, the SEC and other data sources.

The company is trying to take a holistic view of monitoring, while trying to reduce the impact of what it calls “Attention Abundance Disorder;” it adheres to the theory that “less is more.” The monitoring results you get in your email or on your Workstreamer account page have gone through an algorithmic vetting process to attempt to deliver highly relevant results.

Uses for Workstreamer include:

  • Strengthening relationships with companies in your network
  • Finding relevant inroads for making better researched contacts with prospects
  • Identifying business opportunities with companies you’re monitoring
  • Aggregating mentions of your own company in social media

If you’re looking to have additional support as you build and grow your business network, identify business opportunities or monitor competitors, both Gist and Workstreamer seem to be complementary; Gist can also monitor companies using keywords.

For now, Workstreamer is offering its monitoring tool for free, but will eventually become a premium product. Current beta users will be grandfathered in and will continue to receive a free version.

How are you listening to the social and news streams of other companies? How has listening to companies proved fruitful for your business?

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