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The Morning Lowdown 08.30.10

»  YouTube is negotiating with the major movie studios to launch a streaming video service, which would include new releases and could launch as soon as the end of the year. If this all sounds familiar, that’s because there were similar reports of ongoing talks last September. [Financial Times]

»  Ben Huh, the CEO of Cheezburger Network (of I Can Has Cheezburger fame) says he wants to buy Reddit from parent Conde Nast. Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian says he’d “be very surprised if reddit were sold.” [Alexis Ohanian]

»  Cisco (NSDQ: CSCO) has reportedly made an offer to buy Skype, which filed to go public earlier this month. [TechCrunch]

»  Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) and Disney (NYSE: DIS) say they are making “significant progress” toward a deal to keep Disney channels on the air for Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) subscribers. The deadline for an agreement is Thursday. [Wall Street Journal]

»  Venture capitalist Bijan Sabet argues that paying for music is now essentially an honor system — and online video is heading that way as well. [Bijan Sabet]

»  Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has lost another senior executive; VP for social platforms Neal Sample is leaving the company for EBay, where he will oversee the online auction company’s architecture. [AllThingsD]