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Google’s Latest Social Purchase: Mobile Gamer SocialDeck

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) continues to buy up social-related firms in preparation for the launch of the new social networking effort it has under way. Its latest acquisition is mobile game startup SocialDeck, which is behind several very-addicting mobile games, including Shake & Spell, a spelling game that users can simultaneously access and play from various platforms, including BlackBerry, the iPhone and Facebook.

As we’ve reported previously, Google has lately been concentrating many of its purchases on the social space, although its acquisitions have spanned a wide range of specialties. On Friday, for instance, Google acquired social search startup Angstro. Over the last month, it has also bought virtual currency firm Jambool and app maker Slide.

By all accounts, though, the new service, which is reportedly called Google Me, will be centered around gaming — SocialDeck’s expertise. SocialDeck says in a short statement on its site that its staff is joining Google but doesn’t offer any other details about how it will fit.

Here’s a video the company made, which describes its platform: