Clearwire Launches ‘Rover,’ Offering Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Plans


Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR) has unveiled a new


Burned But Smiling

There are only two Aussie’s who would give a flying f about a failed “Amp’d style guide”. As a vendor who lost over a quarter million dollars on the wireless Titanic it’s a pleasure to see the non-success of poster 2 & 4 above. [Definitely the same poster. Same voice. And who puts spaces in front of commas so consistently? No one else on Moco except posts 2 & 4 above.]

Not one apology or attempt at communication to any vendor they burned. Amp’d marketing gurus… Total Z Team.

Wanna Hanna

I worked in Ampd sales for six months and I’m shocked anyone would actually admit working on the marketing team. From top to bottom that team didn’t have their act together on any fundamentals. They spent more time and money closing supercross riders than getting merch and product to stores. Too much blame went to ops and finance. Marketing was an equal partner in their demise.

As for Rover, love to see dual mode. Virgin mifi is in the game but no 4G. Limited window.

Peter Adderton,

Seth, or Agency 1.1,
I was sent this comment from a friend , I will never hide behind a name thats not mine this as you know is a cowards way to blog , its not me I wish you and the boys well with Rover stuff looks good, for sure my writing is not great but its easy to copy me .

please remove my name from these posts.



Even though I think some of the marketing is a bit over the edge… I’m glad to see a company with the balls to say what’s on their mind. It’s fresh and and stands out from the current wireless carrier noise, or lack of…

bring back ampd

Wow, what a poor copy of amp’d all you need to do is insert ampd Logo for a blast back to 2005 , I guess the copy and paste on the ampd style guide went with Seth and his followers , this style of marketing is so over, as someone who was on the marketing team at amp’d this is like its 2003 again, what is clearwire thinking launching this , for such a great forward thinking 4G network they use out of date and out of touch marketing launch and team…….

what a waste of money this won’t work they will change marketing direction in 3 months to a more value add campaign and not pretend they are hip…which they clearly are not. .

Hey Seth this is why you ran content not marketing…… amp’d B team …

here here rover the dog.

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