Working from Home: Both Awesome and Terrible!

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I’ve long been a fan of Matthew Inman’s webcomic The Oatmeal and its caustic humor. So when I saw the title of his latest comic — “Why Working From Home Is Both Awesome And Terrible” — I knew we had to share it with our readers, many of whom are ensconced in home offices, dens and spare rooms around the world.

Inman provides commentary on all of the good and bad aspects of working from home, from commuting and office banter, to relationships and timekeeping. Here’s his take on how a relationship between partners is warped by working from home:
Each of the ten situations is disturbingly familiar and I’m sure many of you will be squirming as you flip through the panels. You can read the full comic at “Why Working From Home Is Both Awesome And Terrible.”

Which one of those panels represents your homeworking life?

Artwork copyright © 2010 Matthew Inman, used by permission.

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Not a panacea, but co-working helps. If you have one near you and reasonably priced.

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