The Bidding for 3PAR Gets Insane. HP Counters Again

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Twice already 3PAR has said no to Hewlett-Packard (s HWP) but the Palo Alto-based computer giant doesn’t take a hint. The company is offering $30 a share in cash for 3PAR, shortly after Dell raised its bid to $27 a share. At $30-a-share, 3PAR is now valued at $2 billion. HP’s board has approved the transaction.

Just to bring you up speed — first Dell offered $1.15 billion for 3PAR. HP came in with a $1.6 billion offer. Dell offered slightly better terms. And now HP is offering $2 billion. As we wrote earlier, buying 3PAR makes more sense for HP than for Dell, even if it means overpaying for it. It wouldn’t surprise us to see Dell make another move and up the ante.

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Jeffrey Papen

This is an example of HP and Dell racing to skate to where the puck will be and a very smart move to play in the cloud space. 3Par’s storage is on-par with HDS and EMC and far beyond NetApp, Equalogics, Dell, or HP storage. 3Par stands among the best with the sophistication of their API, which is 5 years ahead of most major storage vendors. Most S3 storage available today are far too slow to be used for Enterprise Private cloud offerings. To move an enterprise exchange server, SQL server, MySQL server, etc. into the cloud requires 3PAR, EMC, or HDS performance, as well as their API to configure cloud storage auto-magically via code.

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