Hotmail Users to Get Native Mobile Phone Syncing


Microsoft (s msft) will enable Exchange Active Sync (EAS) connections for mobile phones on Aug. 30. This will provide full push email to Hotmail users, and also full sync capability with Windows Live Contacts, Calendars and in some cases, Tasks. Active Sync support has been available on many mobile phone platforms for some time, but this will be the first time native Hotmail support comes to Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile platform.

Native EAS support means push email is fully enabled for Hotmail users; new email will arrive on the mobile phone as soon as it hits the Hotmail account. It also means that a third-party solution (or Exchange Server) will no longer be needed to provide syncing the phone with Windows Live accounts.

The EAS support works best on Windows Mobile, iPhone (s aapl), Nokia (s nok) or Palm (s hpq) smartphones  (and only Windows Mobile 6.x and above, not Windows Mobile 5) according to Microsoft. It will also work with certain Android (s goog) handsets and Android OS versions, but those have not been clarified by Microsoft.

Image credit: ZDNet

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Lenny G

Microsoft still refuses to give IMAP email functionality on Hotmail.

Microsoft should realize that while it may have got away with this sort of monopolist behavior in its destkop PC glory days, it is only a minor player in mobile.

Trying to control mobile formats will ensure its demise.

Darrell Etherington

I’ll have to set this up for my lady on her iPhone. Still think she should heed my advice and switch to Gmail, but I’ve learned not to press the point :)

William C Bonner

This is really nice, too bad that WinMo 6.5 can only connect to one “exchange server” at a time. I expect that this will make hotmail more appealing for people connected from an android or iPhone platform.

WP7 supports multiple EAS connections, and google supports the EAS already. It’s good that MS is finally bringing their own protocol to their online email offering.

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