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Vid Biz: YouTube Multilingual, Triton Media Lawsuit, Hulu Plus Desktop

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Enjoy YouTube in Croatian, Filipino, Serbian and Slovak; YouTube says it’s now available in 28 languages, wants to up the ante to 40 by the end of the year. (YouTube Blog)

Hillcrest Labs Tapped by LG to Bring Motion Control to HDTVs; technology from Hillcrest Labs will power LG’s Magic Wand remote control. (emailed release)

Delayed DirecTV TiVo Hardware Revealed; the latest incarnation of the DirecTiVo will run on Technicolor/Thomson hardware. (Zatz Not Funny!)

Hulu Plus Access Expanded to Hulu Desktop; paying Hulu Plus users can now access the site’s premium videos through its desktop app as well. Support for Internet-connected TVs from Sony Bravia and Vizio will come in the next few months, and Xbox 360 in early 2011. (emailed release)

LOVEFiLM inks major MGM deal; Lovefilm members will be able to watch MGM titles online and on internet-enabled devices through the company’s player. (Broadband TV News)

Disney, Warner Bros. sue to stop advertising on pirate websites; studios sue ad company, alleging that it helped pirate streaming sites. (The Hollywood Reporter)

2 Responses to “Vid Biz: YouTube Multilingual, Triton Media Lawsuit, Hulu Plus Desktop”

  1. oh dear. i am a proud member of the ninja community, once a top mainsite as well, we are now fighting the good fight and defend our cause. i read this article on a lot of websites…
    and the content makes me angry again…and especially Disney looses every credibility for me, because, and now, please get this right and understand its ironic: Disney at one point in time had adds on our mainsite!!!
    what the …. is there really anybody out there who still believes in this lie of the big companies loosing money? i laugh about that, and it makes me angry. this is just another wrong pleaded cause by the so called new team of big companies to even get more money.

    by the way, our forum is still alive and its growing! Check it out and join the movement!