Running Late? OnMyWay Sends Alerts For You

Navigation service TeleNav has introduced the OnMyWay app today for the iPhone (s aapl) and Android (s goog) platforms. OnMyWay sends email alerts notifying folks when you’re getting close to arriving for a meeting. More importantly, the app will automatically send alerts when you’re running late. The app is easy to use: Before you leave for your meeting you tell it the email address to use for the alerts, the meeting time and how long before and after the scheduled meeting time to send the alerts.

TeleNav launched OnMyWay for the BlackBerry (s rimm) in March, and it’s been a popular download. The free app uses the phone’s GPS location information to determine how close you are to the meeting location. The meeting location is entered as an address, or the option exists to select a contact in the phone’s address book to grab the location. The user enters in the amount of time (in minutes) before and after the meeting time to trigger the alerts, which inform the recipient of the approximate arrival time, based on information determined by the GPS distance of the phone from the destination.

This app would have come in handy for me this week, as I was stuck in traffic due to an accident and ran late for an interview at a TV station. With OnMyWay, the phone could have emailed the reporter to let him know I was running late, and based on my GPS location, approximately when I would arrive. This would’ve saved me the trouble of finding his phone number and calling him while trying to deal with the traffic situation. I love apps that turn my phone into a personal assistant to do things for me that really matter.

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