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Open Thread: Netflix on the iPhone

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Netflix’s (s NFLX) new iPhone (s AAPL) and iPod Touch app has gotten some mixed reception today.

Our friends over at The Apple Blog were a little underwhelmed after giving it a first try this morning: “It works, but it’s not polished,” wrote The Apple Blog’s Alex Layne. Om on the other hand instantly fell in love with it, giving his own GigaOM review the headline: “Netflix on iPhone: You’re Gonna Like It

I guess I’d come down somewhere in the middle. I like the fact that I can now stream Netflix on my iPod Touch, and it took me only a few minutes to get from a “this display is too small” attitude to finding myself walking around the house while checking out movies, watching a few minutes here and there and then adding some of them to my instant queue to enjoy them on the living room big screen later.

I did actually have the app crash on me twice, and I also didn’t find it very responsive — but that didn’t stop me from using it either. Still, I wish there was an option to also manage my DVD queue — but I guess that would be a major departure from Netflix’ Watch Instantly-centered device strategy.

But enough about me. What are you thinking about the app, now that you had a few hours to play with it? Is it working out for you? Have you discovered any notable bugs, or important aspects missing from the picture? Which device are you using it on, and what are you using it for? Has anyone watched an entire movie with it yet, or is it better suited for snacking and organizing your instant queue on the go?

Let us know in the comments — and feel free to also add some recommendations on what Netflix should add next. An Android app? Blackberry support? Windows Mobile? Or something else?

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4 Responses to “Open Thread: Netflix on the iPhone”

  1. Not impressed after waiting all summer for the release it’s worthless. Every time I try to watch a movie wifi or 3G it plays for 3 seconds pauses and crashes. Just like my 3G iPhone since updating to sw version 4.0 complete peace of crap !!!!!

  2. Jennifer

    Quality-wise, I like it. I just wish it would allow you to manage your disc queue in addition to your instant queue. I still have to use a third-party app for that, which seems silly to me.