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Scribd Exploring Premium Content Plays; No Plans For A Paywall

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Social publishing site Scribd is considering a number of premium products as an additional revenue stream to its ad sales and year-and-a-half-old book and document store, sources tell paidContent. A rep for the the San Francisco company confirmed that the company is working on creating products that it can charge users for, but emphasized that it is not going to be throwing up a paywall around its core document sharing content.

Scribd already has some premium content available, but it wants to be more diversified than its current products. For example, users now have the choice to purchase downloads of archived content — specifically, content that’s more than several months old. It also has been adding material to its Scribd Store as well over the past few months and is still looking to strike agreements with publishers.

The new products will likely involve more ways to access certain kinds of archived material. Last fall, the company introduced a co-branded reader that was more focused on driving ad sales. The company is still working on setting up an ad share program with publishers in the near future.So far, it has over 150 publishers — and another 100 media companies — using the site and Scribd believes there’s a number of other avenues it can mine.