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0Views Seeks Out YouTube’s Most Unwatched

For most YouTubers (s GOOG) these days, the almighty viewcount reigns supreme — if your video doesn’t break five figures, it doesn’t matter how good it is. (The Fine Brothers have written extensively about this). It’s an interesting yet at times exhausting attitude — which is possibly why 0Views is so refreshing an experience.

A Tumblr blog spotlighting videos that have gone completely unviewed at the time of discovery, 0Views focuses primarily on random bits of modern life, caught by amateurs. The commentary is subtle and succinct (“Please note her wall of Bieber”), which instead allows the video to speak for itself. And speak they usually do.

Looking at the content featured, it’s clear that 0Views seems to avoid videos longer than two or three minutes, and a link from them adds at least a few hundred views to the viewcounts, if not more. This puppy drinking Kool-Aid video? It’s up to over 1500 views since being featured yesterday. Prior to being picked out, it’d been online for three days without a single view.

Urlesque paints 0Views as an opportunity for early discovery, but I see it as more of a celebration of the old YouTube. Because if you can remember that far back, at the beginning of its existence, YouTube was much more of an archive for home video than a haven for professionally produced content.

After all, the first video uploaded to the site? A clip of YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim hanging with elephants at the San Diego Zoo. That’s right — a vacation video.

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