What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Red Hat Sets its Cloud Strategy, Touts Portability (From ZDNet) I’ve noted several times that Red Hat has the tools to be a serious cloud player, and now it seems to be putting them together. Watch out for JBoss in the PaaS space — Makara already supports it.

Is Facebook About to Use ARM Chips in Its Data Centers? No! (From Forbes) Remember that rumor we pointed to yesterday? It was false. As I noted, though, a complete abandonment was never really a possibility. Even a small ARM server farm would have been cool, but, alas …

Cloud Computing Startup 6fusion Raises $3M (From VentureBeat) Another startup entering the tough world of selling cloud-platform software to both service providers and individual organizations. Its Work Allocation Cube is unique, but will it be enough?

Server Market Revenues Increase 11.0% in Second Quarter (From IDC) Server revenue keeps on growing, and impressively, at that. HP, IBM and Dell are in the lead. Dell is gaining share and revenue, but still has a long way to go to catch No. 2 IBM.

Marten Mickos Defends Honor of Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Systems released v.2.0 of its cloud computing software today. In this interview, CEO Marten Mickos addresses “open core” and the improved scalability in v.2.0.

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