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45% of TV Viewers Get Their Shows Online

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Almost half of all consumers watch TV content online every week, according to a new study released by the Ericsson (s ERIC) ConsumerLab today. 57 percent watch short video clips online, and more than 70 percent are time-shifting with the help of DVRs and Internet platforms.

However, linear TV content still reigns supreme: 93 percent watch plain old television every week. The study is based on surveys conducted in the U.S., the U.K., Sweden, Spain, Germany, Taiwan and China, and it’s representative for a total of 336 million people worldwide, according to Ericsson. Al in all, people spend close to 35 percent of their leisure time watching video in one form or another.

The growing demand for over-the-top video is one of the biggest drivers behind people’s desire to bring Internet to their living room TV. 70 percent of people who have connected their PC to their TV said they did so because of the screen size, and 67 percent wanted to watch “PC content” on their TV. Only 15 percent said they wanted to browse the Internet on their TV, a number that could potentially be troubling for the upcoming Google TV launch.

Apple, on the other hand, should be encouraged by Ericsson’s findings. 37 percent of consumers are very interested in a touch-screen tablet as a remote control for their TV.

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4 Responses to “45% of TV Viewers Get Their Shows Online”

  1. Kurt Hoppe

    I am an Internet TV believer, having worked in the space since 2003. That said, the results of this study are misleading – or perhaps the headline snippets simply misrepresent Ericsson’s findings about the penetration of Internet TV today.

    If a sample representing 300M consumers shows 50% of those consumers are using Internet TV EVERY WEEK, then the segment surveyed is clearly an “ultra-early adopter” category (Netflix only has 15M DVD by mail subscribers) and only interesting as a vision of the mass market consumer in another 5-10 years.