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Mobile Maps Are Moving Indoors To Pinpoint Specific Items On Store Shelves

One of the biggest limitations to GPS is that it doesn’t work indoors. Your phone might be able to navigate you to the front door of the mall, but finding the store, much less the box of Rice-A-Roni on the shelf — forget about it. That’s the problem that Bellevue, Wash.-based Point Inside has been working on for the past two years and believes it has solved. Today, it is rolling out an application with Meijer, a chain of super centers in the Midwest, that will allow shoppers to pinpoint where items are on and direct them to promotions and sale items.

The application, available on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices for free, is called

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  1. ehud mendelson

    Ehud Mendelson • We are happy to see that the market is reaching what we start and patent from early 2005,

    Our method provides superior accuracy (as mention our accuracy is below 1m), low cost (less than $10 for a beacon, compare to the high price of wifi hotspot), easy implementation, and can be used immediately by more than 95% of cell phones in the market today (Bluetooth) compared to only 15% for Wi-Fi… and did we mention that it can be used by any phone .. not only smart phones and there is no need for data service or any internet service or even cellular communication..

    with so many missed sales opportunities do to inaccurate of existing mapping (estimate at 30%) and the limitation of the existing locating method explain above, Our technology can provide a new meaning to that new huge market of indoor navigation – accuracy to the store in a mall, to inside the store to even.. The product in the aisle..!. And it open a new market- a huge one..!”

    Today, Shoppers are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and looking from checking the prices of an item to actually finding them .., it’s the time to bring them inside the store and even direct and navigate them to the item on the shelf…to the specials… to the deals…That is what the customers want!.

    More over our ‘Sales Sense’ innovation, which includes marketing and privacy control tools, brings web-like sales tools to the real life and real time application for the store/mall owner.

    Aside from the technology, we patent the business model and digital marketing for indoor LBS applications and the application that any “user” will need indoor: need for directory, mapping, navigation sales and specials and emergency alarming and notification.

    Information emerging from today’s market indicates that Indoor navigation represents the next LBS market and that our innovation may represent an advantage to companies should they wish to join the huge possibilities in the Indoor navigation and LBS field. We believe that any company wishing to enter that promising field will need to consider our innovation – the technology, the model, and our intellectual property.

    Short presentation can be view on-line at:
    ehud mendelson
    blue umbrella inc.