Hulu Plus By The Numbers: 14 Percent More TV Than Basic Hulu


No, we don’t have subscription numbers but we do have a little more insight into the differences between Hulu Plus and basic Hulu. Research firm One Touch Intelligence counted all the shows on Hulu and Hulu Plus during one week in August, providing a snapshot of the TV programming on the free, ad-supported service and the new $9.99 premium subscription offering. In a sense, the report simply affirms what we already knew — the bulk of the programming in Hulu Plus comes from the broadcast nets of Hulu equity partners NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), Disney (NYSE: DIS) and News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). But some of the details are interesting, especially given Apple’s TV rental efforts:

— In the week of Aug.12-17, Hulu Plus offered 3,564 episodes that weren’t available on, roughly 14 percent more. had 24,854 full-length TV episodes; Hulu Plus, 28,418.

— Two-thirds of the TV programs only on Hulu Plus came from ABC, Fox and NBC. One Touch counted 154 additional television networks and content providers on Hulu Plus.

— Want to watch Modern Family, Law & Order or Prison Break? Only on Hulu Plus. Usually the major difference is the number of episodes, as many as five on compared with entire seasons on Hulu Plus. (We watched the last 13 episodes of Glee during my review period; we couldn’t count on those episodes being on when we wanted them.) It’s not just quantity — it’s quality and depth.

One Touch initially tried to include mobile and HD but ran into some methodology problems and reissued the results. Being logged into Hulu Plus should provide access across all platforms and devices, including iPad and iPhone.

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