Facebook Investor Thiel Backs A New College-Only Social Network


PayPal co-founder (and early Facebook investor) Peter Thiel is backing a new social network, which restricts membership to students with verified college e-mail addresses — much like Facebook did in its first year and a half. CollegeOnly‘s pitch: “Our site is the only one that is free from parents, potential employers, and other folks that shouldn


Ivy Leaguer 2

WULU, Starting in the Ivy not unnecessary. The founder of CollegeOnly went to Princeton, and it would make sense that he’d start in familiar territory. Agree with what Ivy League said–there could be some issues down the line due to different ways in which schools handle email addresses for grads.

Ivy League

Agree—what will they do with graduates. And many people no longer in college still have a verified college email address

Emdadur Rahman

Good idea, I liked the school only aspect of Facebook when I first joined. It makes sense they want to start out at only a few schools to try it out; Facebook took a similar path when it started out I believe.

One thing though, what happens when people graduate?


A good idea but a really awful/mad corny name. And starting in the Ivy’s is unnecessary.

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