What We’re Reading About the Cloud


Facebook is the First to Jump into ARM Servers (From SemiAccurate) Let’s be clear, it’s just a rumor. Furthermore, even if it’s true, it seems unlikely Facebook is abandoning x86 altogether, but rather using ARM servers for specific tasks. Still, it’s big news if true.

Cloupia – Brief Note (From People Over Process) Cloupia seems like a good idea — managing clouds via a single UI — but it’s not alone. CA, RightScale and others are approaching this from different angles. The provider-customer possibility is unique, though.

Vyatta Expanding Virtualization Security in a Big Way (From SiliconAngle) It’s interesting to me that Vyatta has supporting quotes from Dell in its press release. How many other server vendors are actively backing virtual networking products? I’m telling you, Dell gets the cloud.

Building a Scalable Key-Value Database: Project Hydracus (From Open Source Convo) If anyone actually follows along, projects like this could help developers learn some valuable information about how NoSQL databases work. If the author is right, they’ll need it.

Microsoft Beats Intel, AMD to Market with CPU/GPU Combo Chip (From Ars Technica) Well, it beat them via the latest Xbox 360 chip. But Microsoft isn’t in the server or desktop chip business, so there’s still plenty of competition ahead.

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