Torrent Fans Rejoice: Boxee Adds App


Boxee just added the app to its app library, making it possible to stream media straight from’s servers to your Boxee client. is one of many services allowing users to remotely download and store media, and it’s particularly useful if you tend to get lots of content from torrent sites. users can download torrent files straight to the company’s servers and then stream them to any browser, and now to Boxee as well. can also be used to automate downloads from one-click hosters like Rapidshare, FTP servers or even plain old web sites. It can even use RSS feeds to automatically download the next episode of a TV show.

This means you could actually use this to set up a kind of cloud-based TiVo, (s TIVO) a feature that could be particularly interesting for users of the upcoming Boxee box, which doesn’t come with any internal hard drive or TV tuner. Of course, you might run afoul of local copyright laws, depending on your country of residence and the type of content you’re consuming. also isn’t free: Users have to pay betwen $5 and $20, depending on their desired amount of storage and bandwidth.

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Easily share your files !!!
100% free
10 GB filesize accepted
60 days of retention
upload by FTP, HTTP, remote FTP/HTTP
use of non-standard port in option
SSL subscription begin at 5 euros per month

Terence Derwahl

the term “cloud-based TiVo” is a revelation, if it functions as promised.

William Maggos

stop with the apps already. why not just incorporate podcatching w/ torrents into boxee? look at miro for an example. and while you’re at it, why not support shoutcast tv? just those two little features would turn boxee into broadcast/cable’s worst nightmare. it would turn serial television programming and live tv into something anybody can do and get distributed to anybody with a boxee box hooked up to their hdtv. if you care that media is dominated by 5 giant corporations, you understand the potential.

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