What We’re Reading About the Cloud


The cloud industry is as hot as the month of August. From new financings to a bidding war for a storage company, the insiders are busy as beavers. In addition, Hadoop has been gaining more momentum, plus there’s a thoughtful article about the cost of cloud and co-locations.

Improving Hotel Search: Hadoop @ Orbitz Worldwide (From Cloudera Blog): There’s no better PR than big-time customer use cases. Orbitz improved a core business feature thanks to Hadoop, and showed just how valuable it can be outside the research world.

Comparing the Cost of Cloud vs. Colocation (From Data Center Knowledge) No one who’s talking objectively about cloud computing posits that it’s the solution for every user. As this comparison finds, organizations with steady workloads and high utilization might be better off owning servers.

Hoff’s 5 Rules of Cloud Security… (From Rational Survivability) Long story short: You can’t join the discussion if you don’t have firsthand experience at least experimenting with cloud security protocols. Seems fair enough.

The Future Cloud Should Fend for Itself (From CNET) Based on discussions with management vendors, this does indeed look like the future for internal cloud platforms. We demand automation for tasks like VM provisioning, so why not for remedial tasks?

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