FolderBoy: A Fast, Folder-based Note-taking Tool


FolderBoy is a web-based note-taking app that sits somewhere between the bare-bones functionality of Paprika and the kitchen-sink approach taken by Evernote.

As you might expect from the name, FolderBoy encourages users to create folders to organize notes. You can even create folders within folders, and move notes and folders using drag and drop. You can create tags, too, and can even tag your tags. FolderBoy says “trust us, tagging your tags is useful!” although I’m not entirely sure why. But even without using tags, it’s easy to find information quickly with FolderBoy’s “find-as-you-type” full-text search.

Similar to Evernote, FolderBoy allows you to upload text, files and links. But, once saved, the links aren’t clickable, and FolderBoy’s notes are in plain text only.

FolderBoy has some useful features, although some will take getting used to. It will create events when you type phrases like “aug 31” or “next thursday.” It didn’t parse “a week from friday” correctly, though, and it tends to assign a time of 5pm to events created this way. You’ll need to be careful about deleting folders, too, since any notes within a folder will be deleted along with the folder.

FolderBoy is web-only, and does not have any mobile apps, although the website seems to work well on my iPod touch (s aapl). The service also doesn’t have an import or export function.

FolderBoy has a free version that allows allows you to upload up to 500MB of data and create up to 1,000 notes. Premium accounts will soon be available for $45 per year and will allow users to upload up to 50GB of data. You can try FolderBoy’s demo account without signing up, or enter your email address to get your own account.

If you like the idea of using folders to organize notes, and you need an app that helps you to find notes fast, FolderBoy may be for you. But if you need rich text, desktop and mobile apps, plus import and export, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

What features do you need in a note-taking app?

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Charles Hamilton

Yom, thanks for the clarification. It appears that links are clickable when they are the only text in a notes field. They are not clickable if one types in some text first, and then adds a link after the text.

Tom from FolderBoy

(Author of FolderBoy here. Thanks, Charles for the write-up)

Yup, FolderBoy is for anyone who likes to store things with zero fuss/overhead. And find what they’ve stored, later, really quick.

Mobile device goodliness will come over the next 3-6 months.

We are constantly improving the “temporal” side of FolderBoy (ie assigning a time to a note). We plan to have a Google Maps-style Calendar in about 2 months time, where you can grab the calendar with the mouse, and use the mouse-wheel to zoom in/out.

don don

The notion of note-taking is very much activity-driven while a learning tool is more purposed-driven…

For causal note-taking, many of these web-based tool would do a fairly good job.

When evaluating a learning tool one may want to ask the following 5 questions:
1) Is it easy to use?
2) Is it distraction free and is the availability 100%?
3) Would my notes get automatically organized?
4) Is access to my notes easy?
5) Does it have powerful study tools?
(Very important for, after all, it’s a learning tool…)

Frugal Baby

FolderBoy seem very useful. But there is always room for improvement. For some of us our mobile device is our device
of choice.

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