Kawaja Leaves GCA Savvian To Try His Own Approach To Investment Banking


Investment banker Terence Kawaja is striking out on his own as a strategic matchmaker. Kawaja has switched from staffer to affiliate at GCA Savvian, leaving to form advisory firm LUMA Partners. In an interview soon after he announced the move by e-mail late Monday afternoon, Kawaja said he is still working on a couple of deals for Savvian but sees a need he can fulfill with his own firm.

“Quite frankly, I just really think the space could use a strategic adviser as opposed to a banker. Certainly that’s been the feedback from clients.” He added: “The banking model is broken as it relates to growth companies. The banker gets his inventory, and has to hawk the inventory. I would argue that the typical banker who pursues that approach has it all wrong. I’m basically trying to do strategic matchmaking.” His sweet spot: the intersection of media, technology and communications.

It’s sounds a bit like Code Advisers, the firm Quincy Smith co-founded with Fred Davis and Mike Marquez when he left CBS (NYSE: CBS) earlier this year. Smith and his partners promised a new approach to investment banking, advising large media companies like CBS and Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) about investments in digital and working with startups.

As for LUMA, Kawaja says it’s an acronym he promises to explain when he launches this fall. In the meantime, he’s hiring. And yes, for the fans of his popular video parodies, expect a launch premiere from the amateur comedian. To amuse you until then, here’s the last one.

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