Google’s Schmidt And BlackBerry Fund Open Pocketbooks For PocketGear


A number of high-level investors, including Tomorrow Ventures, the investment arm of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, and BlackBerry Partners Fund has invested in PocketGear, an independent app store that claims to have twice as many free and paid titles as its competitor GetJar, which claims 70,000 free apps. The second round of funding totaling $15 million was led by Trident Capital.

The Durham, N.C.-based company has a long history of selling applications. In June 2008, PocketGear was spun off from Motricity and raised $3.2 million from Noro-Moseley Partners and Wakefield Group, which were the original backers of Motricity. In February, it acquired Handango, another player in the space. What’s a little ironic about this funding is that PocketGear has a longer history in selling applications than the two platforms associated with its investors — Android and BlackBerry. Both players are still have a long way in improving the shopping experiences in both Android Market and BlackBerry App World.

PocketGear specializes in powering storefronts for its 40-or-so partners, including handset-makers and carriers. In addition it operates a handful of consumer properties, like,,,, and In a release, PocketGear’s President and CEO Jud Bowman, said: “The mobile application marketplace is exploding and we are very excited about the opportunity to use this funding to help our expanding network of service provider, OEM and media company partners efficiently bring new revenue generating services and devices to market more quickly and easily.” The funding will help pay for additional marketing and international expansion to take advantage of the application frenzy.



Slightly off topic but I went to GetJar to have a look and download the eBay app which had just launched. GetJar had a different ebay app which literally just put a shortcut to the website on my phone (obviously tracked with an affiliate code).

If there are many similar scams on these app stores then aren’t their lifespans’ in jeopardy?


Wow, this seems interesting – surprised hasn’t gotten more news. Does BlackBerry see a future in PocketGear even though the fund is separately run?

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